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Dr. Xavier Bruce

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I have always had a deep desire to help maximize the potential of others, regardless of any difficult situations or limiting beliefs they might have.

A lot of the times, these mental blocks come from a less-than-effective approach of dealing with stress from within. I’ve seen these negative patterns manifest themselves as productivity problems, failure to reach goals, chronic physical problems, and financial hardship among many other things.

This all sounds personal - because it is.  Here is my story.

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The Birth of Uplift

Back in 2011, I was an active-duty officer in the US Air Force. At the time, I was dealing with several stressful situations at once with no guidance or mentorship on how to deal with them.

I had the stress of a rocky marriage, raising a son with autism, struggling through the doctoral dissertation process, and experiencing rocket attacks while deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan - all at the same time.

With nobody to guide me, I turned to self-learning. By delving into the practices of energetic self-perception, strategic influence theory, fitness, nutrition, and biology, I began to construct the self-development framework I now call Strategic Energetic Transition™ (SET) which serves as the basis of my unique approach to coaching and speaking.


Our Approach

Our approach is all about concrete techniques to get you where you need to go, not nebulous “feel-good” positivity. No two people are the same and we all have different personalities and skills. This is true whether you’re a servicemember who will be transitioning soon, a career changer, or someone who is recently married or divorced.

These require holistic, integrated solutions - not a rigid checklist.

We want to help you change the way you think, feel, and act when dealing with stress. We want to be your trusted partner in creating an action plan to start making big steps toward your goals.

Living to Serve

We are here to help you respond, not react, with an evidence-based approach that is backed by science and concrete steps that you can act on.  Best of all, all of our services are at an affordable investment that won’t put a hole in your pocket.

Interested? Great! We are looking forward to helping you take the next major step in your growth for the future!


~ Dr. X

This book is for people who forge their own paths. Those who don’t belong in the narrow confines of a particular town or vocation. Those who, try as they might, still struggle to connect with people or ideologies that demand that they fit neatly into boxes that were never meant to contain them. It’s also for those who are waiting to be saved by someone other than themselves. It’s for the athlete who is living someone else’s dream. It’s for people who know in their hearts it’s time to give it up but can’t convince their minds and bodies to do so.


Welcome to the Self-Leadership Program Utilizing the Core Principles of Strategic Energetic Transition! As a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the US Air Force, I understand what it's like to be where you are now, before and after the threshold. I have always had the passion to maximize the potential of others, in spite of any limiting beliefs they might have.  This sounds personal, because it is!

Screenshot 2023-05-25 061520.png

Leadership is such a huge topic right now as we need great leaders more than ever. Everything starts with our Habits; therefore, it is safe to say that leaders must have the most effective Habits to lead others. This book lays out the most important Habits used by some of the World's Greatest Leaders. All you need to do is take just 1 of these Habits and it can change your life forever.

1 Habit.png

The "X-Man"
The Strategic Energetic Transition Framework
Developed by Dr. X


Learn about the 21 elements baked into Strategic Energetic Transition



Amber with Red Outline

These six energy blocks cause stress and anxiety that “MESS UP” the way veterans show up during transition.

  • M = Mental

  • E = Emotional

  • S = Spiritual

  • S = Social

  • U = Universal

  • P = Physical

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